Virabhadrasana-3 (Veer-ah-bah-drahs-anna)

Virabhadrasana-3 give good/solid foundation to the body, and give us great understanding of gravity. virabhadrasana-3 is a balance and strength building yoga posture. It strengthens legs, develops a strong core and is adequate to be practiced by experienced yoga intermediates.

You can start in mountain pose and step forward into the balancing position as an alternative to transitioning from virabhadrasana-1 and high lunge as we described here.

How to Perform Warrior 3:

Step 1: Come into the mountain position or Tadasana. From there open your legs hip width
distance to understand the gravity right underneath the feet to feel the good foundation for
the feet.

Step 2: As you find a good foundation to the feet then you can step one leg back – right or left
– and then place your hands onto the hip, but make sure your hip is square and parallel. From
there you can bend the front knee until you feel your body weight shifting towards the mound
of your feet as well. Make sure when you’re bending your leg you’re not losing the action of
the back leg.

Step 3: Once you feel even weight on both legs then reach the arms up above your head to
feel the extension of the side body. Make sure the pelvis is not dropping towards your thigh.
Step 4: Now try to lift your back heel off the ground and come into the high lunge position.
From there try to shift your body weight on the front leg. The front knee must be bent – you
should not straighten yet.

Step 5: Once you shift your body weight on the front leg lean your front body towards the
front thigh and continue extending the arms forward. Hold for a couple of breaths.
Step 6: Try to lift your back leg, but keep the front knee bent. Once you feel a good balance on
the front foot then try to straighten your leg, but make sure you’re not getting the pressure
behind your knee. From there step your foot back to the neutral position and then you can
repeat from the other side.

How to do Warrior 3 watch full video on You Tube : 

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